Two is Better Than One

If anyone had forgotten about the powerful effect a beautifully written duet can have on an audience, we were all reminded on February 24, 2019 during the Oscars when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga wowed viewers with their intimate, emotionally stirring rendition of “Shallow,” from their film “A Star is Born.” 

Discussion of the performance continued to dominate many artistic circles for days after. And why not? Bradley Cooper is an exceptional performer.  Lady Gaga is an extraordinary talent as well.  Each has individual talents that are laudable on many levels. This is not news. 

But what happens when two stars collide? When one melts into the other?

It’s magic. 

The duet, this wonderful musical paradigm, has engendered some incredible moments in music history, all a result of the artful amalgam of some rather notable names. 

Sinatra and Shore. Richie and Ross. Rogers and Parton. Diamond and Streisand. Cocker and Warmes. Sonny and Cher. Henley and Nicks. The list goes on and on. 


And now, just as the music world returns to its normal grind, and has perhaps forgotten once again what these stirring musical collaborations can do to us, we can be enthralled  once more by the latest duo to join creative forces. 

Jones and Genessa.

Atticus Jones, who burst on the music scene earlier this year with hits such as “Still Above The Ground,” “I Wish I Was Jerk,” “Broken Pieces” and “I Wonder,” has brought his gritty, no nonsense style to the studio and blended his unique artistic approach with the haunting, melodious vocals of upstart artist Genessa, whose performance on the song “A Child Was Born,” was heralded as “jaw- dropping” and “spine-tingling.” 

The result was a tender, passionate, heart-rending ballad certain to rival some of the most celebrated duets ever produced. 

“One,” which was released by MP Music House on June 1, 2019, has garnered rave reviews and has placed both Jones and Genessa at the forefront of new artist banter. 

“There has been a discernable spike in streams for both artists,” commented Tom Petrone of MP Music House. “And plenty of phone calls. The rest of the world is beginning to discover what all of us at MP Music House have known for quite a while. We have two very talented artists here.” 

Talent continues to be the catalyst for both artists, especially Atticus Jones, who will put out his first album later this month. There doesn’t appear to be any lull in the prolific creativity that Jones has tapped. 

“I’m just riding the wave,’ Jones said smiling. “I’m making music every day and loving every minute of it.”