Fall Into Tiberius and Cascading Colors

As the summer draws to a close, and our thoughts turn from sun tan lotion and beach chairs to pumpkins, spiced lattes and the spectacular colors courtesy of the fall foliage, the time has come to embrace the artistic stylings of the group Tiberius and their new single “Cascading Colors.” 

Tiberius Cascading Colors 8:23:19.jpg

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit as Tiberius takes you a soulful journey that will lead you down the heavenly road to peace and tranquility.  A beautiful blending of harp, piano and acoustic guitar will soothe even the most beleaguered beings and invite the light into their hearts once again. 

“Relaxation music has become a very popular source of self therapy,” noted Dan Marshall, co- founder of MP Music House. “There is certainly a variety of music to choose from, but we feel that Tiberius has a unique sound  that will really speak to fans of this genre.” 

“Cascading of Colors” marks a clear departure from Tiberius’ earlier singles, “Underwater” and “Walking in Paradise,” which are described best as classic rock and roll. The band, which is comprised of five vagabond musicians from five different states, demonstrates it’s musical versatility with this fluid, kaleidoscopic arrangement that can become a relaxing part of anyone’s day. 

“I have had people tell me they listen to this song on their boat, driving to work, and walking in the woods,” noted Tom Petrone, co-founder of MP Music House. “One person even told me she listens while playing tennis. That says a lot.” 

While talk of Tiberius is only now beginning to filter out into the music community, the band possesses a confidence and air of experience that belies their fledgling status. Their talent seems to fuel their desire to make music of all kinds. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we started receiving calls from the TV/film industry inquiring about the rights to this one,” Tom Petrone mused. “Play music is quickly gaining attention and respect in both of those industries.” 

Although the days are beginning to get shorter and there is a distinct chill in the morning air that whispers fall’s approach, there is cause for celebration indeed. Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation during the autumnal weeks is both life affirming and inspirational. It gives us pause for reflection, for hope and now a brand new song from a musical talent that will soon become part of everyone’s playlist.