This Diamond Ain't So Rough

The discovery of Atticus Jones continues to be the most fortuitous moment for all of us here at MP Music House.  Our once modest, relatively unknown  Indie label is now burgeoning with inquiries and activity - all precipitated by one very intriguing question that is on the lips of so many music fans- who is Atticus Jones and where has he been hiding?


Atticus Jones was born and raised in Butte, Montana on a horse farm that has been in the Jones family for three generations. His grandfather Horace, who taught Atticus to play the guitar when Atticus was just five years old, turned the 40 acre property into one of the most popular ranches in the Silver Bow County area. Although Horace and Atticus’ father, Albert, dreamed of Atticus taking over the family farm after Atticus graduated high school, Atticus’ sights were set elsewhere. Despite his love of horses and the music he would play when he wasn’t busy with chores or his studies, Atticus had visions and a dream of his own - college and a career in Environmental Studies and Law at the University of Montana.  He was well on his way, achieving Dean’s List recognition in his first three semesters there. He even met the love of his life, Lynn, at a campus barbecue, and the two became inseparable.  The unexpected death of his father Albert, however, forced Atticus to abandon his dream and return home to help his mother, Arlene, run the farm, another endeavor that ended in failure. Atticus struggled with the loss, something that only became worse when Lynn broke off their engagement not too long after that. “That was a very dark time for me,” Atticus shared. “There were days that I didn’t think I could go on.” 

But go on he did. 

Left  homeless, unemployed, and with only his guitar for refuge, Atticus headed east where I met him at a local tavern. We formed a fast friendship which led to the marriage of Atticus’ musical talents and my lyrics.  Atticus has been pouring himself into his music since and has found healing and strength through his creative energy  and discovered what I knew the second I began working with him - that he is so much more than just a rustic farm boy from God’s Country - This diamond in the rough is the next musical sensation who is poised  to take the industry by storm! 

Since our initial meeting, Atticus has recorded and released to rave reviews singles “Still Above The Ground” and “I Wish I Was A Jerk.” He has also just recorded tracks titled “Broken Pieces” (release date March 1, 2019)  “Take a Stand” (Release date April 5, 2019) “I Wonder” (release date May 3, 2019) and is presently in studio recording “Star,” a haunting, touching duet sung with upstart MP Music House artist Genessa whose brilliant vocals on the Christmas ballad “A Child is Born” established her instantly as an up and coming force in the music industry as well.  “I didn't even know I had this softer side to me,” he mused as we worked on the lyrics and arrangements together.  Indeed, there is so much more yet to be discovered. It’s safe to say that this talented vagabond has finally found a home. 

This flurry of musical activity has the entire industry buzzing.  Atticus Jones’ work has been heralded as a gritty blend of Country, Rock and Southern Soul with unmistakable Pop hooks that continues to establish this cross-over Americana artist as one of the most unique voices in all of music. Lyrics that are honest and decidedly poignant, coupled with haunting melodies that are reminiscent of those from some of today’s most talented names in the industry, make the stylings of Atticus Jones something to talk about – talk that continues to captivate more and more listeners every day.  Give a listen to Atticus Jones and discover what so many others can’t stop talking about.