The Adventures of Mr. Bigglesby And Connor

From the very beginning, our lives are measured by a series of milestones, each marking in celebratory fashion some transition from one phase into the next. First smile. First word. First steps. Each of these accomplishments is worthy of our attention and recorded in a variety of ways.


And with the accomplishment of each of these comes the breathless anticipation of those which will come next.

First haircut. First birthday celebration. First time at the beach. The list of firsts goes on and on.

Those first few milestones are all filled with joy, wonder and excitement. And why not? There's nothing not to be joyful about.  It's all good in the beginning. All smiles.

But soon those milestones assume a slightly different role in our lives. While the noteworthiness of a first time event still pulses on, those later accomplishments also possess things never felt before - anxiety, pressure, and fear.

First time using the potty. First time in the sunshine, on a playground with little people we’ve never seen before. And of course, the first day of school.


It is these transitions, and the desire to help children navigate each with greater ease and less angst, that inspired The Trees to create the show "Best Friends," a series that attempts to highlight these early challenges that all children must face in order to make dealing with them a little more manageable.

"We know they have to tackle these things," said Nick Abbay. "So why not help them handle it by showing them how much easier that is when you lean on friends."

The interplay between Connor, the show's main character, and Mr. Bigglesby, Connor's dog, possesses the wonderful ability to capture the interest of young children and in doing so, soothe their concerns about some of the social issues that punctuate their lives early on.


And the incorporation of a series of wonderfully playful songs elevates the show to another level.

"It's fun, it's safe, it's entertaining," noted Tom Petrone "But more importantly, it's helpful. to these children and in turn, their parents as well."

Set to air 2020 "Best Friends" is a creative, musical, artistic guide to navigating a child's early years and destined to become the next rage in children’s entertainment.