Poop a Doo Doo, If You Dare

Tom Petrone and Nick Abbey of the band “The Trees” will be making some noise this fall, much to the delight of Poo Poo Head fans everywhere. On September 6, 2019, the infectious, toe-tapping song “Poop A Doo Doo” will be released officially on all major streaming sites. 

Legions of Poo Poo Heads will find continued joy and entertainment with the latest from their charismatic hero, Poo Poo Head.  Although as Poo Poo Head himself warns, “this one is only for the real diehards. It’s an emotional experience that may be too much for some listeners. Be prepared to have this one take over everything.” 

People may be wise to heed the warning. In this latest release, Poo Poo Head’s energy  and silky vocals possesses a charm and vitality that will have everyone who hears swept away.  Chubby Checker had “The Twist,” Elvis had “Jailhouse Rock” and now Poo Poo Head joins the ranks of contagious performances with his latest smash. 

Those who have already heard the song agree - The “Poop A Doo Doo”  song and dance will no doubt become the next rage. 

“This is not just a kids’ song and dance,” one mother commented  after listening to a preview of the song. “My foot was tapping the whole time I was listening and those lyrics - well, those were in my head the entire day.” 

“Poop A Doo Doo,” which is sure to make “quite a stink” in with listeners everywhere, is available September 6, 2019 on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and al other music stream in sites.