Jake Marshall

 MP Music House Announces Its Own Version of the Marshall Plan 

When Atticus Jones traveled to the Canadian Province of Ontario to perform a few of his songs for a charitable event, he never could have imagined that in addition to bringing home myriad rave reviews, he would be toting back to the states his newest friend – and MP Music House’s latest musical find. 

I had just finished playing my last song for the night,” Jones explained. “It was a new song, one I’ve yet to release called ‘Packing Up My Stuff.’ Ironically, I was in the middle of doing just that following the show – packing up my guitar and other things when this guy approaches me to tell me he really digs my sound. My style.  It was Jake Marshall.”

Marshall, a native Canadian born and raised in Sault . Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada is no stranger to playing music on the road. The former hockey player and now songwriter/ country singer has spent much of his free time the last ten years honing his craft at bars, restaurants and taverns all across Canada. Inspired by the likes of Alan Jackson , George Strait, and Canada’s own Neil Young Marshall heard something in Atticus Jones’ work that really spoke to him – something he’d like to try and replicate in some way. 

“Atticus is fresh,” Marshall said. “You know, he’s singing about things that all of us wrestle with, but he’s got something special, an unique way of putting it out there. It’s cool. Real cool.”

Marshall was so taken with Jones’ mystique that he spent the next few hours talking about anything and everything under the sun. They fast discovered that the two singers have a lot in common –  Beer and Horses, Barbeque,  Hockey ,  Baseball, German Shepherds and of course, Country Music. Jones listened to some of Marshall’s original songs and felt they were very reminiscent of the type of music that Atticus Jones would release. 

The end result of this impromptu meeting resulted in a shared car ride back to New York, where Atticus Jones introduced Jake Marshall to the songwriting team at MP Music House. A fire was lit. 

“Jake Marshall will be releasing his first single, ‘Wishing I Was Fishing,’ June 28th 2019,” Tom Petrone of MP Music House announced. “We’re all excited to have him on our team. And very impressed that our hottest new artis  ( Atticus Jones) has revealed a real knack for spotting talent.”

“Wishing I was Fishing” is Jake Marshall’s first single and will be available on Spotify and all other streaming sites on June 28th.