Have Faith - Fight Back

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” All of us, at some point in our lives, are faced with adversity that challenges our resolve and at times, yes, our faith. We question the path we are traveling and ponder the infinite mystery of the future, all the while cringing at the whispers of doubt that plague our usual sensibility. It is at this moment that we have a choice. We can surrender, acquiesce to the unrelenting demons and accept failure and disappointment. 


Or, we can take a stand. 

 We can summon the strength that only comes from believing in what you cannot see at the time in order to ultimately reach the sacred ground waiting for you, should you have the wisdom and wherewithal to pursue it.  

“Take a Stand,” the latest song by Artist Atticus Jones, celebrates this resiliency of the human spirit in a way that can buoy even the most despondent sufferers. And there’s nobody better to tell this inspirational  tale of woe than Atticus himself. 

“Man, there were times when I thought I’d never make it through the day,” he commented when asked about his fourth single. “I was in a very dark place. With nothing to hold onto. The only thing that got me through was some prayer, hope that things would turn themselves around, and then finally the good fortune that came my way through meeting the good people at MP Music House.” 

Atticus Jones’ incredible rising from the ashes has been well documented of late throughout the entire industry. “Take a Stand” marks the fourth song Atticus has released in as many months, joining popular the tracks “Still Above The Ground, “I Wish I Was A Jerk,” and “Broken Pieces.” And it doesn’t appear that Atticus has any plans of slowing down any time soon. 

“It took me a long time to get here,” he explained. “The music I’m making is therapeutic and entertaining.  These songs are my helpers, and each one  can help so many people who are struggling to find that light. Every song I sing speaks to some real part of the human condition.” 

So what can we expect from Atticus Jones in the near future? 

“A whole lot,” he mused. “I’ve got a lot to say and a whole lot of time to say it.”