Did You Ever Wonder

Although all of us march to the beat of our own drummer, there is one thing that unifies us like no other – our propensity to question. 

Who can blame us?  

There’s a lot going on in this world that we just don’t understand. And despite our academic endeavors and insatiable hunger for knowledge, there’s no end in sight.  To quote the legendary Don Henley, “The more I know, the less I understand.”  

It is this very quandary that inspired the latest single by Atticus Jones.  Aptly titled “I Wonder,” the popular country artist’s newest song explores some of the riddles with which many of us have wrestled before. 

These conundrums range from the humorous and whimsical to those far more emotionally crippling. 


“I spend a lot of my time thinking,” Atticus said. “You know, about all sorts of things. Some are simple observations that make me laugh, or scratch my head. Others, well, those are the ones that often stop me in my tracks. Force me to stop and catch my breath.  I know I am not alone in feeling this way. The song captures this part of the human experience.” 

And capture it he does. 

Atticus Jones continues to inspire and entertain listeners in his own inimitable style. Building off of the poignant messages contained in the songs “Still Above the Ground,” Broken Pieces,” I Wish I Was A Jerk” and “Take a Stand,” Jones takes listeners on an emotional journey through the day to day struggles of the ordinary person struggling to understand a world replete with daunting mystery. 

“It’s meditative in a very playful way,” Tom Petrone of MP Music House commented when asked about the song.  “Disarming and accessible. But when all is said and done, the heartfelt message regarding the inexplicable loss of love is what resonates most with listeners.” 

Atticus Jones rise to popularity in country music circles continues to impress many in the music industry. People are beginning to ask questions, clamoring for more information about the upstart new artist and his music. 

And of course they wonder – what’s next from this gritty, talented singer?