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Jake Marshall

When Atticus Jones traveled to the Canadian Province of Ontario to perform a few of his songs for a charitable event, he never could have imagined that in addition to bringing home myriad rave reviews, he would be toting back to the states his newest friend – and MP Music House’s latest musical find. 

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Two is Better Than One

If anyone had forgotten about the powerful effect a beautifully written duet can have on an audience, we were all reminded on February 24, 2019 during the Oscars when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga wowed viewers with their intimate, emotionally stirring rendition of “Shallow,” from their film “A Star is Born.”

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This Diamond Ain't So Rough

The discovery of Atticus Jones continues to be the most fortuitous moment for all of us here at MP Music House. Our once modest, relatively unknown Indie label is now burgeoning with inquiries and activity - all precipitated by one very intriguing question that is on the lips of so many music fans- who is Atticus Jones and where has he been hiding?

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