Atticus Jones "Walk With Me"

How many times have we heard life being compared to a road, one possessing dangerous curves, potholes and unforeseen obstacles? The metaphor is apropos on many levels, since all of us at one point or another find ourselves traveling on paths that seem destined for disaster.

And when that occurs, all of us look for someone to lean on.

It is this simple but heartfelt truth that is truly the appeal of Atticus Jones’ latest single, “Walk With Me.” With cleverly crafted, profoundly passionate lyrics and harmonies reminiscent of artists like “The Eagles” and “Fleetwood Mac,” Jones’ homage to the lonely traveler is a winner for sure.

“I wanted to tell the story of a person who discovers another who has had a tough time,” Jones commented when asked about the song. “You know, someone who has been beaten down by life’s struggles and circumstances. The hope that comes in the form of another offering to lend a hand to hold is there for all of us. And when we find it, it makes all the difference.”

This important message is conveyed brilliantly throughout the song, with Jones singing about “mountains threatening to steal our time” and “traveling into the shadows of the unknown” without anyone to support our cause. The fear and sadness that come from facing these challenges alone is then answered with the hopeful idea that “together the journey’s a much different ride, so effortless when two hearts collide” and a positive flourish in a chorus that restores all hope with sentiments like “Walk with me down lonesome roads, we’ll find a place that’s ours to hold.”

Building of the success of earlier singles like ”Still Above The Ground” and “Broken Pieces,” Atticus Jones offers his listeners true redemption here in an upbeat, encouraging Classic Rock/ Americana style that celebrates the beauty and strength of two people using their love to shield themselves from life’s hardships.

”We really believe that this will be Atticus’ breakout song,” said Tom Petrone of MP Music House. “All of his songs are raw and real and possess his unique voice and approach but this one - well, just give a listen and you’ll see what has everyone here buzzing.”

“Walk With Me” will become the sixth single that Atticus Jones has released this year.

This is the perfect storm,” said Dan Marshall, Co founder of MP Music House. “Our writing team, featuring Frank Nappi and Tom Petrone, and the sheer talent of Atticus Jones is a once in a lifetime occurrence. He will be huge in this business very soon.”

“Walk With Me” will be available for download on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music and every other streaming site on August 2nd.