Poo Poo Head

Poo Poo Head.jpeg

They say Poo Poo Head was born during the time of the Dinosaurs, but you and me know that ain't true. They've also said that he came over on the Mayflower. There's even tales that he was created in a laboratory by a lonely scientist.

But the honest to corn truth is that he was born on the same day as the King of Rock and Roll, for those who were too young, Elvis Presley!

But where Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi, Poo Poo head was born in a little small town way north of Tupelo by the name of Poopalo, Mississippi.

And that's where the families - The Craps, The Feces and The Dungs as well as the Poo Poo family have lived for generations. most never ventured out into the wide world from there. you see although these were some of the nicest Poo People around, there was still the issue of odor.

Once you actually got to know these Poo People the smell didn't seem to bother you so much as what their sunny personality made up for.

Poo Poo head had picked up the guitar at the age of 3 and hadn't put it down since. And Boy, he was talented. He started to master his favorite guitar, The Fender Smellecaster in no time. He would play it with his toes if he felt like showing off. His voice was as smooth as chocolate syrup, but boy, he could rock. so this is kinda where the story has its jumping off point. The whole town encouraged him to actually go out into the world and share his musical awesomeness!

And so on a cool day one September he packed his sack and said goodbye to his father DooDoo Head and his ma, Mrs. Fartsy and headed off to share his gift with the world and write his name across the sky- Poo Poo Head.

And he’s coming to your town!